There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to ministerial exceptions and exemptions, federal FLSA rules and California state law, and the free exercise clause. 

Have you found yourself asking “what’s right and what’s wrong?” when trying to classify your team? 

Some of the confusion stems from secular HR and legal experts who are trying to shoehorn ministry into their understanding of the secular business world. 

They mean well, but they’re making things riskier for you. You need answers from experts who work exclusively with ministries like yours and understand the laws and rules as they apply to you, not the Mom-and-Pop shop down the street. 

Watch and learn who is exempt and who is non-exempt, what the criteria for is for classification, and how state law affects your ministers and pastors.


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We serve you so you can serve others. That purpose takes us beyond just selling insurance policies.  We know that if your staff and volunteers are properly screened, trained and organized and if your church provides a safe environment for your activities – your ministry will have a higher success rate.





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