Webinar: Budget Presentations That Inspire Giving

Tired of budgets that fail to inspire or further the Kingdom? Watch ministry finance expert Keith Clark-Hoyos as he shows your church how to present a budget so that it communicates your mission, vision and values and inspires giving. Our budget presentation will move from a laundry list of expenses we want help paying to telling the story of how we are impacting the world for Christ. 

What this webinar will help your church do:

• Learn how to stop talking about what to cut to balance the budget and start talking about how we are investing in the community. 
• Find out how to change the conversation from “why do we pay so much for…” to “Wow! We really are making a difference!” 
• Explore eliminating the silence that comes when people don’t understand all the numbers to enthusiastic conversation about how we impact the world. 
• Examine how to move from a one-time presentation of expenses to cover to an ongoing conversation about stewardship.

Keith Clark-Hoyos has an M.A. in Ministry, Leadership & Service from Claremont School of Theology. He is also a Certified Public Bookkeeper and Certified QuickBooks Advisor. 


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