The Most Overlooked Risk Management Tool in Ministry

What would happen if your pastor or another key employee died tonight?

I know, no one likes to think about this. However, it's a key component of your church's risk management program.

Think of it this way: Do you think that your church would see attendance and giving grow if your pastor died? All churches go through transition of their leadership (eventually) and it's rare that it's quick and seamless. When it's the unexpected death of the pastor, it can be really tough to manage. You didn't have a chance to plan for the transition, people leave, giving declines, and much more. A Key Man policy is the best way to fund this unexpected loss and ensure that the finances are there to help with your new search and offset a decline in giving.

Our benefits team has extensive experience in putting together a key man policy designed to assist in this transition. The cost is amazingly affordable. One church with a 42 year old pastor was able to add $250,000 for less than their property insurance deductible. This is a smart move and something that we can put together with after about 5 minutes on the phone with you. Please call 800.843.6054 or email and we'll have something for you before your next board meeting.

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