Is Social Distancing Keeping Your Ministry From Making Decisions?

As ministries are trying to adapt to the changing landscape of ministry, please be aware that your governing documents may address decisions that you make. Applying for funds through the CARES Act? It is a forgivable loan, but a loan nonetheless. Does it take a congregational vote to take out a loan? Double check the California Corporations Code and see how you can govern in the event of an emergency!

Here's part of the code: "The bylaws may contain any provision, not in conflict with the articles, to manage and conduct the ordinary business affairs of the corporation effective only in an emergency as defined in Section 5140, including, but not limited to, procedures for calling a board meeting, quorum requirements for a board meeting, and designation of additional or substitute directors."

(by the way...this is just a friendly tip and not to be construed as legal advice!)

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