WEBINAR 4.8.2020 -- HR in the Time of Coronavirus - Top 10 Questions Answered

2020년 4월 5일 업데이트됨

We've had 3 HR webinars over the past 3 weeks. We welcome back the 'Ministry HR Dream Team of Bob Brockman and Leslie DeMattia' to address the Top 10 Questions that have come up on 4.8.2020 @ 11AM PST. Register Here Top 10 Questions (drum roll): 1- Explain when 2/3 pay and full-time pay are necessary. 2- How do we calculate 2/3 pay? 3- Can you ask employees to use their accrued time (Vacation/PTO) while you have them laid off. Also, can employees use the EPSLA or EFMLA to supplement a reduced work schedule? 4- An employee who is currently on (Regular) FMLA and whose spouse has lost their job (different employer) asks to be terminated so they can collect unemployment. What can/should you do? 5- Explain Exempt, Non-Exempt, and the Ministerial Exception. (Address part-time exempt.) 6- How/Can we move an Exempt employee to Non-Exempt? 7- Can an employee take EFMLA for Childcare for 4 weeks and then take an additional 4 weeks of EFML if they get sick? Can an employee take 12 weeks of EFMLA and then take another 12 weeks of EFMLA if they get sick? 8- If we are not working our non-exempt employees at all or placed them on a reduced schedule, but have chosen to pay them their full pay through the end of April, how do they fill out their time card? 9- How do we respond if an employee or their family member gets diagnosed with the Coronavirus? 10- How do we bring employees back from a layoff? Is there a certain order or is it based on business need?

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Please note: This webinar will fill up! If you want to be sure to catch it live, sign in early. All registrants will receive a recording of the webinar and supporting materials.

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