Planning Foreign Mission Trips

If you're planning a foreign mission trip this summer, it's essential to have insurance coverage the specifically covers your church’s foreign liability & medical exposures.

Is there a Kaiser in Kenya? NOPE! Many of the mission trips that your church is planning take you way out of your HMO & PPO Network. Besides, U.S. health insurance policies don't cover medical expenses incurred in a foreign country. If they do, they reimburse travelers at a lower rate than in the United States, and they seldom cover air evacuations, which typically start at $45,000.

Don't learn the hard way. Call us to learn more about the insurance that your church should purchase for your employees & volunteers that participate in your church’s foreign missions.

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As you know, ChurchWest Insurance just does ministry insurance. That’s why we are the experts in helping ministries save. Call us with your questions or concerns and we will be happy to suggest a solution that fits. Or, just let us know your renewal date, and we’ll give you a call then.

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