Church Payroll ... Can't Anyone Do It?

We spend a lot of time with churches as they work through their church payroll process.

Frequently, people think 'everyone is getting paid and they aren't complaining too much, why do I have to think about it?' Well, church payroll is a pretty unique animal and when a mistake is made, it can be devastating to a ministry. We usually get involved when a church has run into a problem. Think it can't happen to you? Well, here are some real examples of what churches have gone through when a mistake has been made.

First Steps

We've all seen webinars on church payroll & taxes (yawn). However, we caught one from a couple of weeks ago that was actually fascinating. Not only did it cover the special tax rules for churches & clergy, they really explain the payroll consequences of Healthcare Reform and the new requirement of Form 8822-B (yes, it does apply to churches). Watch the rebroadcast of this webinar here.

Now, find an expert. If you are confident that your volunteer or generalist payroll company is handling this right, then great. If not, we'd encourage you to check out MinistryWorks. They are the largest church specialty payroll company in the US and their pricing is better than anyone else can offer.

Lastly, let us know what you think. The feedback that we've received from churches has been great and we'd like to know how your experience is as well.

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