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New employees? Planning on traveling outside the United States with your ministry this year? We know your ministry starts at home but often extends beyond the walls of your church or school. It may take you a few miles down the road on a disaster relief project, or halfway around the world with a short-term mission team. Use our resources to further the Kingdom with confidence and peace of mind.

+ What Does the ChurchWest California Church Health and Benefits Program Do?

Our health & benefits program helps church employees access all of the choices of Medi-Share and individual plans. They allow churches to contribute in a compliant and organized way so employees get choice, the church gets to cover the expense while saving money and spend less time managing benefits.

+ What Makes the ChurchWest California Church Health and Benefits Program Unique?

No other agency can offer a streamlined approach to group benefits where employees are offered choice of plans, access to Medi-Share programs, access to subsidies – all on one bill.

+ Which Churches Should Consider the Program?

· Churches that are looking to offer more choice to their employee benefits plans.

· Churches that are looking to take advantage of subsidies.

· Churches that are looking to offer Medi-Share programs.

· Churches with employees who are over 65 and eligible for Medicare.

· Churches that are currently on a Kaiser Permanente plan.

+ Which Churches Wouldn’t Be a Fit for the Program?

· Churches with more than 50 full time equivalent employees.

· Churches with less than five (5) employees.

· Churches with employees that wouldn’t feel comfortable signing a statement of faith.

· Churches that are on grandfathered plans may not find the savings that other churches have realized (but should still look at it to be sure).

+ Which Employees Would Qualify for Subsidies?

This varies by total household income and number of people in the household.  Remember, this doesn’t include housing allowance! Here are a few examples:

· 30 year old employee and spouse with total household income of $30,000 annually would receive a $496 monthly subsidy ($5,952 annually)

· 40 Year old employee and spouse with two dependents with total household income of $60,000 annually would receive a $750 monthly subsidy. ($9,000 annually)

· 60 year old employee and spouse with total household income of $60,000 annually would receive a $1,044 monthly subsidy. ($12,528 annually)

+ Is this an Administrative Nightmare?

Nope!  It actually eases your administrative burden.  Each employee is assigned a coverage concierge where all of their questions about enrollment, network, out of pocket expenses, and so on are answered.  The church receives a monthly statement and the church pays one monthly bill.

+ Which Employees Benefit Most?

· Employees with significant health problems. There are subsidies available that can lower their out of pocket exposure.

· Employees with minimal health problems.

· Those employees that take a housing allowance. Housing allowance is not included in the calculation to see who qualifies for subsidies.

· Employees that are looking for a specific doctor that might not be included in your existing network.

+ Which Employees Benefit the Least?

It’s a tough question to answer because there are so many contributing factors, but we do find that there are some employees that have high salaries don’t find a good fit through this program.

+ Is This the Same Medi-Share Program I Hear about on Christian Radio, from Dave Ramsey, and in the News?

Yes it is.  There are actually multiple Medi-Share programs available through ChurchWest.

+ Can Christian-Owned Businesses Access This Program?

While churches in California benefit the most from this program, some businesses can realize a better value.  Please connect with our benefits team to see what they can do to help.

+ Can I Call my Current Agent and get a Quote?

As the largest independent church specialty agency in California, ChurchWest Insurance is the only agency in California able to provide this specific California church health and benefits program.


Our full-time church benefits specialists …

· Compare your existing program to one through our program.

· Help you evaluate the networks.

· Annually review your program with you.

· Can service your existing health plan, compare what you currently offer vs. the rest of the market and work with you through all options including this program.

+ How Can ChurchWest Offer a Program Like This?

While some programs try to serve the entire population, we only serve faith-based non-profits in California, Arizona and Nevada. That means we only have to address one piece of the health insurance pie. 


Healthcare reform under Obama made some changes and Trump’s reforms adjusted them a bit, but churches can take advantage of subsidies, faith-based medical sharing ministries, and clergy housing allowances to save an attractive percentage, annually, on their health insurance costs. Our entire California church health and benefits program is managed so you still receive one bill and the administrative burdens are removed from you.


We serve you so you can serve others. That purpose takes us beyond just selling insurance policies.  We know that if your staff and volunteers are properly screened, trained and organized and if your church provides a safe environment for your activities – your ministry will have a higher success rate.





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