HR Boot Camp for Ministry Leadership

Join us to become a lean, mean HR machine! Get a second chance to muster your team and get the quick and dirty details on the latest in ministry-focused best practices for human resources.

When: March 31, 2020
Where: Harvest Church, Orange County
17600 Gillette Avenue Irvine CA, 92614

HR Boot Camp Encore is an important training day that covers the biggest HR and operations risks faced by ministries in California.

Leslie DeMattia,

DeMattia Consulting

Robert Brockman,

Daley & Heft, LLP

Hear about the top 3-5 trends in California ministries.​ Learn & be prepared to be involved in an interactive program!


  • Churches are reeling from the impact of Dynamex.  Now, find out what you need to know by January 2020 about employee versus independent contractors under Assembly Bill 5.

  • Just when you thought you understood sexual harassment law, the rules are expanding! Get ready for new workplace rules.  What supervisors must know, how non-supervisory personnel should be trained, and when to train under Senate Bill 778. 

  • The latest wage/hour case law

  • Working with the ADA

  • Exempt versus non-exempt

Bob Brockman is a Brotherhood Mutual litigation attorney who has 30+ experience in litigating faith based employment issues.  Leslie DeMattia is an HR consultant with over 20 years experience in working with ministries in California. 

  • "Fun and Engaging! ChurchWest strives to provide a lot of value added opportunities to learn and improve ministry admin." - Pam, 2020 SoCal Attendee

  • "Wonderful! Thank you so much!!!" - Lorieann, 2020 NorCal Attendee

  • " ... Valuable & interesting. - Anon, 2020 NorCal Attendee

  • "The whole event was FANTASTIC! Lunch [and] facilities included."  - Mark, 2020 NorCal Attendee

  • "Every church should be REQUIRED to attend training like this!" - Tammy, 2020 Central CA Attendee

  • "The HR Boot Camp is a great way to learn what's new in the industry, laws, [a] refresh of what you have learned before, and [for] meeting others in similar positions to build a network of support" - Sharon, 2020 SoCal Attendee



We serve you so you can serve others. That purpose takes us beyond just selling insurance policies.  We know that if your staff and volunteers are properly screened, trained and organized and if your church provides a safe environment for your activities – your ministry will have a higher success rate.





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